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Creative Minds Talk - Mayor Suarez

@creativemindstalks in collaboration with @miamidesigndistrict presented @francissuarez in conversation with @xcaminos and @pablorfraile

Build Brands. Create Cool. Think Speed and Off To The Races…

🏁 Big? Nah, Bigger! Super excited to have been selected to for creative/content for FTX / Off The Grid Miami Beach Race Weekend

Lacoste x Unknwn Capsule launch Miami Open 2022

Vibe. Mint. Build ⚡️Think @solana

The Future is Forward, The View is 360

We are proud to announce that TAMZ has been acquired by Accelerate 360. The acquisition will add best in class capabilities to Accelerate 360 branding / marketing solutions. Our entire team will now be part of innovators, thinkers, creators and disruptors that will provide brands a full and true 360 offerings.

TAMZ Wins the 2021 Telly Gold Award for E11EVEN HOTEL & RESIDENCES

We've been selected as a Telly Awards Gold Winner in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. This is a huge honor for TAMZ, the entire team, and E11EVEN Hotel & Residences!

TAMZ Wins the 2021 Telly Award for KEITH

We've been selected as a Telly Awards Winner in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. This is a huge honor for TAMZ, and the entire team, and KEITH!

We are proud to welcome our new client Saltz Michelson Architects into the family

Since 1976, we’ve treated each project…each client…each day, like we were working for a close member of our family. Your house is our house. Budget is not an abstract. By virtue of our vision, we established client relationships spanning decades and a richly experienced team that has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with.

A-Rod will make bank as jet firm goes public

The early bird gets many things — including an occasional financial windfall.<br /> On Monday, private jet group Wheels Up announced it was going public — something that will net a select group of Florida residents serious wealth after they made early investments in the charter plane ride-sharing platform.

Everyone wants to find the next big thing in restaurants

First-generation Cuban-American Antonio Cao initially operated six units of Vicky Bakery, a chain that his grandfather founded in 1972 as a way to bring traditional Cuban pastries to Miami’s neighborhoods.

Nutella Pastelitos exist in this beautiful world!

Normally, we are skeptical of any alleged “National Day.” There seems to be a Day for everything now, and we are over it. National Put Salt on Your French Fries Day. National Wear Ecru Underwear Day. National I’m Not Getting Out of My Sweatpants Day (this one started in March 2020 and has been extended into National Not Getting Out of My Sweatpants Year).

TAMZ Won another Telly

Our sbe Lifestyle Hospitality Residential film won the Silver Award in the 41st Annual Telly Awards.

We've made it to Miami Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist.

Becoming Human is a A documentary shot entirely on iPhone about my people in Indonesia during the tsunami 2019. I came to help but in the end I was the one that was saved.</p> <p>This project is very personal to me and my people. It taught me how to use my talent and give back to my communi

ThreePeat W3 Awards for TAMZ

W3 Awards have been announced by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and TAMZ Digital’s work for Jade Signature, Boudoir Dubai and Diva Beauty are being recognized.

Real Talk Conference

Real Talk Con Miami 2018 - Michael Tamzil takes the stage with an incredible life story on what it took to get to the top with his marketing agency. Discussing the true meaning of DOPE